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Random translations/summaries of Kallen's novel "Red Tracks"

Red Tracks Chapter 1: Shinjuku (Part 1)
Part 1

Let me tell you an obvious truth.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t do anything.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t [hold] a knife in their hands.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t shoot blindly.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children… can’t kill enemies.

I’ll shoot.

I’ll definitely kill my enemies.

I’ll never forgive the ones that killed my big brother.

And, someday.

I’ll be cleansed in the blood that flows through half of my body.

And die—.

(from here)

Summaries from Celiss Galvea @ GameFAQs
Source: here

- Clovis is a real Royal Dandy. He actually wears make-up.

- Near the beginning of the novel, Kallen runs into Rivalz and Lelouch on her way back home from school. She has some vague recollection of Rivalz (but has no clear idea who he is), but apparently does not remember / know Lelouch at all. Lelouch does not seem to know her either -- as Rivalz vocally expresses his disbelief over this, Kallen catches Lelouch's name, and wonders where she's heard it before...

- Stage 1 ~ 2 takes up about a third of this novel; how Ougi & co. managed to steal the "gas capsule" is described in great detail. Apparently they could only steal one (the others are shown in the show in Stages 3 and 11) before Tamaki screwed up (also mentioned in Stage 1).

- Nagata's backstory is explained in considerable detail in this novel; he is actually 1/4th Britannian, and became a potter solely to woo his wife. His wife and daughter died 7 years ago in the Britannian invasion. Nagata's final monologue is very, very sad.

- Inoue remains a mystery throughout -- nobody knows her real age, and not even Ougi knows whether "Inoue" is actually her real name. Ougi suspects it isn't.

- Ougi agreed to let Kallen join the resistance, but only as a part-timer: their agreement required her to go to school whenever she isn't needed. Kallen does not like going to school, however, but not because she hates Britannians; she doesn't want to go because she likes them -- is afraid of liking them -- and whenever she's there she feels like a "wolf among sheep".

- Naoto is described as being as charismatic and possibly as intelligent as Lelouch. After his disappearance, Naoto's group was slowly falling apart; Inoue tells Ougi, frankly, that he does not have what it takes to hold them together. Ougi does not take offense because he knows it himself.

- Kallen's reasons for deciding to show up at school sometimes include: "Wait... which class am I in, again?"

- Kallen is voted by the Ashford male student body as the No.1 "Lady (*Ojou-sama) I Want To Protect".

- Kallen is misled into participating in an All-the-Gyoza-You-Can-Eat outing with the female Student Council members; Kallen joined in believing it was an All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Fest -- Lelouch got the "All-You-Can-Eat" coupon as a gift from Pizza Hut. Nunnally likes Gyoza; Lelouch, according to her, doesn't. Shirley and Milly are supposedly big eaters.

- Kallen had to move from town to town when she was little, unable to fit in with either the Britannians or the Japanese. Kallen was able to hold her own against the teasing and light bullying from other children, but her mother was discriminated against for the most part. Kallen's complicated feelings for her mother appears to have started from the day when Kallen asked "Am I a burden to you?"; Kallen-mama only gave her a squeezing hug in reply. Kallen wanted her mother to deny it, and the fact that she didn't made Kallen wonder whether there was actually some truth in it.

- The insulting graffiti on Kallen-mama's room is revealed to be the handiwork of the other maids, all of whom are pure Britannians. The stepladder accident in Stage 9 is also revealed to have been a dirty trick, though who the culprit is (Kallen's stepmom or one of the other maids) isn't made clear. Kallen, for all her outward hatred and disgust with her mother, tries to secretly help her sometimes -- once, during winter, she slipped a shabby (so as not to attract too much attention) coat into her mother's room. However, her mother never wore it, and Kallen, frustrated, confronts her about it, only to be told in her mother's infuriatingly silly, vacant way: "There was a hole in it." In truth, the coat had been cut to pieces (probably by one of the maids).

- Naoto made Kallen promise to protect her mother; Kallen, who had wanted to fight alongside her brother, did not think it was fair and was fairly bitter about it. Her inner conflicts were later resolved when she remembers in the Refrain chapter that the reason she wanted to destroy Britannia in the first place, the real trigger, was because it turned her "family" into a farce.

- At the end of the novel, it is revealed that Kallen actually met Lelouch (and Suzaku) once, 7 years ago, on the day she was to move from Izu. A peach* (*Nunnally's favourite food -- Lelouch goes to great pains to get some for her in Stage 0) comes rolling out of nowhere and Kallen picks it up, only to face a somewhat annoyed Lelouch. Kallen deduces from his wordless anger that the peach belongs to him, and silently hands it back to him. Lelouch takes it back, and there is a continuing awkward silence. Suzaku breaks it by suddenly appearing and hitting Lelouch on the head, telling him to thank Kallen for picking it up for him. Lelouch stubbornly says "Not like I asked her to" and Suzaku threatens to hit him again, before noticing that the bus is about to leave and running after it. Lelouch makes to follow him -- but suddenly stops to turn around and thrust the peach at Kallen, practically forcing it onto her. Kallen takes it in surprise, and (tsundere)Lelouch leaves without ever saying anything to her. Suzaku calls for him to hurry up from the bus, and Kallen catches his name -- "Lelouch."

Excerpt from the Novel
Translated by blottyparchment: Animesuki

A big peach rolled close to my feet. I stopped it with my bag jammed with the things I had packed for our moving away. Kozuki Kallen tilted her head, looking at it. A faintly sweet smell drifted to her nose, that it made the ten year old girl want to seize the plump and ripe peach with one hand. Kallen picked up the fruit with both hands.

The sooner she did, an "Ah!" was heard. Turning her head, she saw a young boy of the same age. He had jet black hair. But the color of his eyes were different. He was not Japanese. Though, she was one to talk.

Holding the peach in her hand, she gazed at the boy who had a serious look in his and wondered why he looked somewhat angry. Could it be that he was the owner of the peach? Thinking so, Kallen quietly hands over the peach. The boy stares back and quietly accepts the peach.

The silence ensues until, "Hey!"


All of a sudden, another boy strikes the black-haired boy on the back of his head. He appeared to be the same age as the latter. He had curly chestnut-brown hair.

"Why are standing there like a retard? She picked it up for you, so you should properly thank her!"

"Hmph. It's not like I asked her to."

"If you're serious about that, I'll hit you once more!"

"Before you preach to somebody else, you should first reconsider your habit of being violent to others!"

"Alright, I've decided. I'll hit you three times...Ah! The bus is here!

Let's run!"

The boy who was hitting the other on the head started running. The ravenhaired boy, who was carrying a basket with goods, was about to follow but he stopped abruptly. He twisted his head to look at Kallen who was watching them while keeping quiet. At that moment, the boy walked back to Kallen and pushed towards her the same peach that she returned to him.



Just like before, the young boy said nothing to her. He was only insistently pushing the peach towards her chest. Without thinking, Kallen took the peach. From the other side of the road, a voice called out.

"What are you doing, Lelouch! Hurry up!"

"I know!"

He answered in a loud voice, running. Kallen did not even have the time to give back the peach as the two boys had already gotten on the bus. The bus left. The two of them should be inside, but Kallen could not make out their figures. She stood there, absentminded.

"Kallen, it's time. What happened? That peach..."

Kallen only then noticed that her brother was standing at her side. He was eyeing the peach suspiciously. Wondering how best to answer him, Kallen said,

"It was given to me."

"By whom?"

"A boy I don't know."

Naoto could not rebuke her and only replied, "Is that so?", while nodding.

"Well, then. It's almost time for the train to come. Let's go. Mom's waiting."

"That's right."

Hugging her bag close to her, Kallen started walking while holding her brother's hand. She looked back once more.

The bus that had already gone was just a small grain of rice in the distance.

It was a day during which the cicadas were crying loudly.

My thoughts... wow, the peach scene. Personally I find that part dubious in terms of canon since Suzaku and Lelouch never met Kallen as children in the anime, plus they didn't recognize each other until way later on as teens. It's possible that since it happened when they were so young, they didn't remember. That said, kid!Lelouch is so tsundere, my god. It's so cute!