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Kallen stuff goes here!

This is where I gather all translated Kallen-related junk in one post.

September 2008 Newtype Interview feat. Ami Koshimizu
Taken from Animesuki, translated by Koshimizu. Source 1 and Source 2

Question: About the kiss in Turn 22.
Ami: I'm also surprised by that kiss. Before this, I interpret Kallen as having no romantic feelings toward Zero or Lelouch. So I was like, "no kidding?! I've mistaken?!"
But the director want me to show that Kallen is anxious from not knowing Lelouch's feelings towards her, and is seeking an answer no matter what. An idea comes to head, "if I come this far, maybe Lelouch will say something." Without too much thinking nor noticing her feelings, she acts. When she kisses and Lelouch doesn't respond, it's the first time she notices, "woa, I really like this guy." That's what the director said.

Question: So Kallen thinks she likes Lelouch.
Ami: Maybe she didn't realize it before because she mixed this feeling with loyality. Although she notices it now, there's nothing she can do under that situation. She can't just insist to go with him. It isn't Kallen's character to do so. Kallen is considerate to people around her. She will not allow her selfishness to get in the way. That's the type that doesn't get happiness, right? *laughs*

Question: What about Suzaku?
Ami: She was captured and almost injected with Refrain. That's really mean of him, right? I think beating him up makes her feel refreshed. Suzaku thinks if it's wartime, it can't be helped if you have to kill your friend. I think that's why Kallen dislikes him, and knowing that such a person is following Lelouch irritates her.

Question: Which Kallen scene gives you a strong impression?
Ami: Lately it's the conversation with Nunnally. Although they werein Ashford together, they didn't get to talk in private. It's the first time the two of them can sit down and talk about their beloved brothers, and share their thoughts of a peaceful world. I think if they were able to talk eariler, they would have become good friends and might have changed a lot of things.

Question: Is there anyone you really want to say something to?
Ami: Yes! To Ougi-san! In Turn 16, when the UFN request Black Knights to liberate Japan, Rakshata said, "that'll also save Kallen". Ougi-san, your response was so vague!
It was written on the script (in brackets) "actually he forgot"! When I was captured, you were secretly dating Chigusa, saying I love you, and then fall off a cliff. What are you doing? Ougi-san!!

Question: Please give fans a message!
Ami: For fans who like Kallen as loyal follower of Zero, I'm really sorry. I think from now on, Kallen will think and act on her own. Anyway, please look over her till the end.

This one includes Kallen's profile from Geass*net. Translated by Celiss Galvea.

Kallen: (unfortunately the link is broken)


Even after Zero became Emperor Lelouch, [Kallen], having received a chance to do so, tried to ascertain his feelings, but her feelings weren't accepted [by him]. (#22)

She shook off her feelings for Zero, and, in her attempt to defeat Zero and put an end to everything, fought like a raging lion[ess]. Although she won in a one-on-one duel with Suzaku, she was unable to turn the tide of war and the world surrendered to Lelouch. (#25)

After that, having witnessed the slaying of Emperor Lelouch by Suzaku, who had been impersonating Zero, she came to understand what the two of them had been trying to do, and aided "Zero Requiem" by acknowledging the new Zero. With the world having become a little more peaceful now, she has returned to being a student and, with her feelings for Lelouch kept inside her heart, now lives her life while attending to her mother."

Kallen's profile from the Complete Guidebook
Also translated by Celiss Galvea (link is broken, sadly)

"After that, Kallen understood Lelouch's feelings, which he had entrusted to her, the moment Zero stabbed Lelouch in front of her eyes. It was but a small wish -- "I want you to live your own dreams".