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This is the official crit post for Kallen Kouzuki of Code Geass fame. If you have any issues with how I play her, feel free to speak your thoughts here! Constructive criticism and praise are wonderful, but flames are not. Just make sure to elaborate on what flaws I need to work on so I can improve. Thank you.

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Red Tracks Chapter 1: Shinjuku (Part 1)
Part 1

Let me tell you an obvious truth.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t do anything.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t [hold] a knife in their hands.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children can’t shoot blindly.

You’re greatly mistaken if you think children… can’t kill enemies.

I’ll shoot.

I’ll definitely kill my enemies.

I’ll never forgive the ones that killed my big brother.

And, someday.

I’ll be cleansed in the blood that flows through half of my body.

And die—.

(from here)

summaries from Celiss Galvea )

excerpt from the novel )

My thoughts... wow, the peach scene. Personally I find that part dubious in terms of canon since Suzaku and Lelouch never met Kallen as children in the anime, plus they didn't recognize each other until way later on as teens. It's possible that since it happened when they were so young, they didn't remember. That said, kid!Lelouch is so tsundere, my god. It's so cute!
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This is where I gather all translated Kallen-related junk in one post.

September 2008 Newtype Interview feat. Ami Koshimizu
Taken from Animesuki, translated by Koshimizu. Source 1 and Source 2

Kallen please )

This one includes Kallen's profile from Geass*net. Translated by Celiss Galvea.

she's like a lioness )

Kallen's profile from the Complete Guidebook
Also translated by Celiss Galvea

I want you to live your own dreams )


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